Feelings on My First Published Adventure

Ok, so it feels weird to be writing this now.  Weirdly, in the future, when you read this it will no longer feel weird to me, but it will feel weird to you.  Timey wimey and all.

Point is, I’m announcing the publication of my first D&D adventure on DMsGuild in a moment – yeah separate link.  But first, I want to just capture how I feel.  I expect to be writing a good deal more here in the future, many years after I swore of blogging.  But now, I have a bit of a purpose and more than a bit of passion to put towards something that needs a few words slung at the screen once in a while.

That means I just have to write.  I have to express myself, and put myself out there, and share what I am trying to bring to tabletop gaming.  I used to do it all the time.  Then I took a long time off… “to be a grown up” (whatever that means).  And I missed it.  A lot.  Like, a LOT a LOT.  But then it got lost in the shuffle of the things that I once cared about.

The joy of writing would come back every so often, but always in different forms.  Different creative outlets.  Different goals.  Just different.  Writing didn’t really leave, but writing about myself did.  Doing it for the fun of taking words and making them do the strange difficult work of putting my thoughts into your brain (weird, right?), that hasn’t been a part of my daily routine for a long while. 

So I’m pretty excited.  I am pushing forward with an interest and a love and a passion for something that has developed over the years – tabletop RPGs, and which allows me to take so many of my creative passions (writing, storytelling, gaming, art, layout, digital design, promotion, and all that sort of thing) and put myself out there yet again.  So here starts that journey.

I got one adventure in the vault.

I’m proud of the commitment I made to do it and get my work out there again.  I have so, so, so many interesting things in my head about what this will take shape as going forward, but I also have a rough track record of diving in at the start and fizzling out.  I’m hoping this time is a little different.  It feels different.  I don’t quite know why.

I hope you’ll join me on many adventures to come.  My imagination is still in top shape, even if my writing routines have not been so fit.  And it can’t wait to jump out my mind and into the universe.

Be good.