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Create your own character of this custom playable race for 5E.

The Bethrazi are a forest-dwelling, nature-loving, adventure-admiring, armor-covered group isolated to a single large forest in the Forgotten Realms.

The particular environment where they mature helps to shape their natural armor, as each develops thick fur, scales, or feathers. Though such differences in armored covering are stark, the species can be recognized by the large antlers that grow from their heads.

This document details the appearance, behavior, and abilities of this magnificent population. In it you’ll find:

  • 7 full color pages
  • Detailed description of traits and abilities
  • Cultural notes on naming and social life
  • Three subraces with unique characteristics
  • A short story – “Three Travelers” which chronicles a chance meeting of three Bethrazi who happen to be very different from one another, yet find common ground when faced with a dangerous enemy. The story includes an interesting look at the natural habitat of the Bethrazi, some of their customs.
  • A narrative launching point from the story’s ending to build your own stories and campaigns featuring these brave adventurers!