Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are a staple of many tabletop role playing games, but can also be used as side characters in story or in another’s character’s background.  When you need to insert your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate into a story, look no further.

Some of these entries were created as milestones for special occasions, or characters cut from other stories.  They needed a home somewhere, so perhaps if you’re here viewing them, they just might fit into one of your adventures!

Rights & Disclaimers

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Feel free to use ALL other aspect of the characters, descriptions, statistics, or other related info on this page for any personal or commercial uses.

You do not need to ask permission to use these characters, but please attribute me in some way should you use them for commercial purposes.


Ignatius Welsen – Plague Doctor (w/ Hector)

Ignatius was created by twitter suggestion.  After calling for ideas to spark my creativity.  The first reply was “May we suggest something involving plague” by @SkirmisherGames.

I had created a similar version of this mini to design a Halloween costume, and he immediately came to mind.  I gave him a bit more flair with the feathered shoulders and red cape, a certain dynamism that adds to the depth of this healer.

Interestingly, his pet, Hector, was also a part of that costume, so I felt I couldn’t exclude him from the prompt.  I devised a simple mechanic to give him some purpose as well.

The Plague Doctor’s stats were based on a standard healer array, just flavored for this particular character.  You will note that he does not do much damage in a fight, but can be helpful in healing members of a party.

As for story, Ignatius and Hector are travelers.  Perhaps they are looking to fulfil some greater purpose, and move from town to town, kingdom to kingdom, country to country, helping those they encounter along the way.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Sto Centum – Chanter of Support

Sto Centum was another twitter-inspired character (as you can see from the tweet-flavored abilities and little blue friend), created for my first follower milestone.

In addition to tweety-puns, the character also pays homage to 100, both in name and deed.  ‘Sto’ and ‘Centum’ are versions of 100, and their ability pool of points is named after the milestone as well.

Reskinned from the war-chanter, this character provides boosts to others in the party rather than direct assistance in battle.

Personality-wise, Sto is that member of a group who always brings positivity and optimism, but never seeks the spotlight or attention for their efforts.

Sto’s tiny blue companion has not yet been named, but “Tweet” would certainly be appropriate.  I like to think Sto and Tweet hang out in a bright and happy community that come together to ward off the forces of evil through the power of positivity.  Of course, knocking back the baddies with that glowing spiked club could also work.