Monstober Limericks

The following were submitted as part of an October 2021 celebration of TTRPG content creators, artists, writers, and fans. Each day in October included a single prompt. For my daily submissions, I included a Limerick about one creature in the Monster Manual (and a few exceptions) with a relevant stanza. Enjoy!

October 1 – Candy
There’s a Night Hag that often shares candy
And the neighborhood kids think it’s dandy
But her coven eats less
of the children, distressed
Since they used to catch more using brandy

October 2 – Horned
On top of a Minotaur’s head
Two horns point upward with dread
They can’t be a bore
Because if they gore
their target will surely be dead

October 3 – Fleshy
When you sew up the parts of a brute
The result is quite rarely cute
Body parts put together
Mix and matching whatever
A flesh golem is like a meat suit

October 4 – Reptilian
Basilisks aren’t all that bright
Attacking themselves in a fight
This reptile’s reflection
Will get its attention
Its stone gaze would backfire alright

October 5 – Clawed
If a Herzou attacks you, just think
It’s a creature that really does stink
But its very sharp claws
Should be what gives you pause
T’is the reason you won’t want to blink

October 6 – Tusked
Wereboars can take lots of shapes
Which lets them avoid lots of scrapes
Whether man or a boar
Or something that’s more
This tusked hybrid could block your escapes

October 7 – Eyeless
To some it can be a surprise
Many creatures can sense without eyes
Like a Purple Worm’s goal
To swallow you whole
It listens to plan your demise

October 8 – Multi-legged
A Remorhaz lives in the cold.
Where Frost Giants tame them if bold.
They have lots of legs,
and can lay lots of eggs.
Their attacks are a sight to behold.

October 9 – Brutal
Of all the grand monsters of story,
the Tarrasque is the one that’s most gory.
This huge, brutal beast
will make you its feast
if your party confronts it for glory.

October 10 – Mimic
another poem
but the teeth give it away
it’s an imposter

October 11 – Tentacles
Oh beware of the tentacle slam
That the Otyugh hits with a ‘”wham.”
Such slamming force
will kill most, of course.
Leaving witnesses to just say, “Damn!'”

October 12 – Hybrid
The most famous hybrid monster of all
is a wolf and a man that’s quite tall.
The Werewolf claws and bites
when it’s getting in fights.
If it gets you, you’ll certainly fall.

October 13 – Insectoid
A huge monster with acidic spray,
the Ankheg is ready to slay.
It hunts from below,
if it bites you, you’ll know.
This insectoid will make you its prey.

October 14 – Aquatic
You’ll certainly find no stagnation
with this aquatic aberration.
These beasts from the seas
attacking with ease.
The Aboleth is no crustacean.

October 15 – Plant Like
The most scary plant like monster around
feeds on the flesh that it’s found.
Be there no hesitation
of this vile vegetation.
You must run from a Shambling Mound.

October 16 – Armored
To protect all those unarmored folk,
a Shield Guardian is no joke.
This spell-caster’s creation
that has regeneration
can defend a squishy mage bloke.

October 17 – Wet
A Water Elemental’s no pet
When attacking it can get you wet.
Slow it down if you please
with attacks that can freeze
Or you’ll find it’s a terrible threat.

October 18 – Fiery
Many would call it a shame
how large fiends are so apt to maim.
Horned Devils advance
with a fiery stance,
always ready to hurl some flame.

October 19 – Corrupt
There’s corruption within the Grey Waste
As the yugoloth fiends are here based
Their king spreads disease
And with plenty of ease
This Oinoloth plagues with great haste

October 20 – Construct
Let’s talk about Golems for a bit.
They’re the Constructs that are quite a hit.
Searching’s their thing,
for that one precious ring…
No! Golems, not Gollum, you twit!

October 21 – Devilish
Barbazus, fiends from the Nine Hells
Have resistance to all sorts of spells!
Bearded Devil’s a name,
My ex called me the same,
For my looks amongst other parallels.

October 22 – Ancient
The most iconic one of all time
Can be difficult for me to rhyme.
It’s strength unabating
So intimidating
The ancient red dragon’s sublime.

October 23 – Winged
Flying monkeys on Chult indeed form
Flocks of small primates that storm.
Just one more cool feature,
Of this quite cute creature,
They’ll bite you in a frenzied swarm.

October 24 – Diseased
A Giant Diseased Rat is a pest.
By its name you’d have certainly guessed.
Down in dungeons and crypts
With it’s bite it infects,
So infestations must be addressed.

October 25 – Folk Tale
Many folk tales include some deceit.
Of this the Green Hag can’t be beat.
She’ll spread her confusion
With powerful illusion.
Overcoming her power’s a great feat.

October 26 – Ethereal
When a soul is denied the funereal,
Unfinished business can make it ethereal.
For a Ghost can make gains,
Travelling multiple planes,
Reforming when destroyed in the Material.

October 27 – Faerie
There once was a fairy who smiled
At some adventurers in the Feywild.
He had a few tricks
Such as biting and kicks.
No wonder these things are reviled.

October 28 – Arcane
If looking for max arcane power,
look within a spellcaster’s tower.
The might Archmage
is someone to gauge
whose abilities may make you cower.

October 29 – Decaying
The undead fiend with the most sway
Is the grand lord of death and decay
For if you need a Lich
There’ll be just one hitch
In that most of you he’ll surely slay

October 30 – Harvest
Fighting a Patch Hag would be fraught
With the return of the pumpkins you’ve fought.
Harvesting souls
Is one of her goals.
Sound fun? Download The Pumpkin Rot.

October 31 – Nightmare
For Monstober it looks like we’re done
As this entry is the final one
There’ll be limericks no more
But new Nightmares galore
As this project for all has been fun!