To celebrate National Poetry Month, I partook in a poetry writing course – which included a daily word or image prompt to inspire those participating to either write one poem or one stanza of a longer poem each day for the first two weeks of the month.  I took each of the prompts, and wrote limericks based on my first thoughts. Note that when prompts were images, no title is included; for all others, the title doubles as the prompt given.

Joy and wealth come in so many forms
But for some that would break all the norms
My family and friends
Pay great dividends
Their love’s like an opulent storm

Creativity is something so deep
All that thought piles up in a heap
We build worlds and stories
All those categories
It’s no wonder they’re something we keep

Ancient creatures inspire my wonder
Looking for them builds feelings like thunder
Indeed I do yearn
For more stories to learn
About things that can tear you asunder

I would speak of the dreams in my mind
With such knowledge you surely could find
The way my thoughts work
In a permanent smirk
And some surprise at just how they’re aligned

Striving for that which we believe
Can not dictate just what we receive
There’s a hunger to grow
And to the world show
All the greatness that we can achieve

There are moments our minds open wide
With wild thoughts that take us for a ride
Bespeckled with vision
And cutting precision
To show us just what’s deep inside

She watches from right through the haze
Pondering the colors in her gaze
The orange foundation
Lifts up towards creation
Teal and pink bursting over the blaze

Endless talent can come in all forms
Different skills colliding like storms
When one hones that power
It’s a confidence shower
That boosts how anyone performs

Few things remain static all around
Because changes constantly abound
The stronger we hold
The more we’re controlled
As the universe spins round and round

Chaos breaks all the order we know
Shining on imperfections to glow
In this new order
We break down the border
Between that which to hold or let go

When an idea blooms in your mind
The end can be so hard to find
The thoughts move around
Never letting you down
Unless thinking puts you in a bind

Motivation can swell or decay
Regardless of how much you delay
That creative flow
Can do a lot though
To eliminate doubt I do say

A storm is a collection of power
Moving closer and closer each hour
Whether by nature or mind
Thunder not quite defined
It’s not only rain that can shower

In the mystery of so much to see
The unknown still terrifies me
But where there is light
I still yearn to fight
To embrace yet more discovery