A friend and I were talking about caffeine and energy drinks the other day and he described his favorite one as a “tasty speed poison.”

Since we are both TTRPG enthusiasts, I took it upon myself to quickly create a little something to remember the conversation that we could share with others who might find it just as amusing.

Note, this is untested and unplayed, simply something off the cuff that I thought would be amusing.  But you’re welcome to add it into your own game as you see fit.  Give you party members something to speed them up, even if it puts one foot in the grave.  Drink up, and enjoy!

Tasty Speed Poison

wondrous item, very rare

Carried in a clear baubular vessel, the effervescent contents glow a dim orange when hidden from sunlight. Consuming the liquid grants advantage on initiative rolls for 1 day. Each time the consumer is knocked unconscious during that period, they must roll with disadvantage on their first death saving throw.