In late January 2022, I decided to challenge myself to creating, designing, writing a story, formatting, and releasing a “weird monster” to celebrate my latest twitter milestone.

I met the goal of the challenge, releasing the finished product just before midnight that day.

You can see preview images of the final form, but please feel free to download the full PDF from the link below.

And as such, it’s available here for your enjoyment!

Direct PDF Download

You may use this creature in any personal or commercial endeavor so long as credit is given to me and points to my profile:

The material has not been playtested since it was created in my own one-day challenge and meant to be finished in a short amount of time. If you see changes that would lead to smoother gameplay, feel free to make them.

Thank you to the encouragement and support I have received from so many in the community of TTRPG creators!

Playing the Faceless

Whether playing as a “traditional” monster in 5E, something unique in another system, or adapting to your own story, here are some traits to consider.

The Faceless is an entity which is extremely difficult to define since it lacks a physical body in the same plane of existence as most other beings. Short of using truesight or magical abilities, it can only be perceived if it chooses to create a face of its own and reveal itself.

Ins otherworldliness can be used to generate further mysteries or keep the audience guessing at just what the motivations and abilities of this creature could be.

From a mechanical aspect, consider that the Faceless is not particularly powerful offensively, but extremely elusive to damage. If balancing an encounter on the fly, consider adding larger numbers of Faceless rather than trying to increase the power of a single entity. By its very nature, it should be difficult to determine its true numbers.

Consider the ways that thunder, radiant, and psychic damage could be the key to survival, whether through traditional combat tactics, or a story-based solution to your game and story.